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After 3 decades and a unique background in sales, marketing, leadership and operations, Craig Camacho has developed the skills and steps needed to catapult shop revenue while alleviating the stress that shop owners see and feel on a daily basis.

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Craig J. Camacho, founder and CEO of 4C Collision Consulting, LLC offers over 40 years of sales experience, 31 years of Automotive Industry experience and 21 years of experience in the auto body and collision industry.

Craig was an executive and board member as well as the marketing chair for the National Auto Body Council (NABC) and has held positions such as Marketing Director, VP of Marketing and Business Development, Business Development and Customer Relations Director, Collision Shop Manager and Marketing and Customer Relations Director.

Craig is also accompanied by his associates that are experts in their own specialties including Social Media, Website Content, Design and Implementation, Insurance Compliance /Relations and Business Development/Exit Strategy.

Our services include:
Sales Training
Process and Procedures implementation
Social Media management and maintenance
Web content, design, and implementation

Customer Relations
Employee Hiring and Retention
Insurance Relations
Business Development
Exit strategy

"Most shop owners have a skewed perception of their operations compared to customer perception.

Allow me the opportunity to show you how to crush the competition and increase profitability in the shortest time and least pain."

- Craig Camacho
President, 4C Collision Consulting

Trez Malatesta is proudly partnering with 4C Collision Consulting to bring a fresh face and marketing outlook to the collision industry. Trez graduated from Penn State University with her B.A. in Telecommunications and focused her studies on the future of digital marketing. Since then, she has led digital marketing campaigns and social media accounts for Penn State University, The NOH8 Campaign, The University of Denver, The Greater Philadelphia Health Action project, multiple radio stations, and now helps small businesses compete with their corporate competitors.

Trez specializes in the following areas:
Digital Marketing strategy and planning
Social media marketing and management
Website design and maintenance
SEO implementation and management
Brand building
Content creation

Picture, video and audio editing
Newsletter creation
Blog creation and maintenance
Brochure, print media and
   marketing material creation
Press releases
Ad spending consulting


If you engage your potential customers, they will engage you when your services are needed.

Allow our marketing experts to do the heavy lifting and offer the following marketing services: logo creating, branding, social media creation and maintenance, blogging, newsletters, email campaigns, press releases, advice on advertising spend, website creation, design, implementation, and maintenance. For additional information, email

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Policy & Procedures

Our clients are always amazed how difficult and powerful it is to expose presumptions and transform them into result-driven action steps.

But this is what effective consulting is - an objective and critical eye to help troubleshoot the longstanding but hidden hurdles to success.

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Sales Training

4C Collision Consulting offers the most convenient options in both virtual and in person training/seminars. In one day, your staff will learn the skills, knowledge, and training on how to sell your service in any accident-related scenario.

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Customer Relations

You've built a beautiful shop, purchased the most state of the art equipment and have hired the most talented people in your market, that's great, now what? If your customer retention rates are not over 85% your competition is winning.

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Hiring & Retention

This is one of the most important aspects of any business but is the one department that believe it or not is most neglected. Did you know that a lack of appropriate management skills makes employees 4 times more likely to quit or how about clear and accurate onboarding processes make employees much happier and leads to longevity.

Have you ever had that one employee that shines and all of your customer's loved them only for that person to leave for greener pastures? Allow us to train you leadership team to utilize best practices to avoid the pitfalls of losing or attracting the most talented in your market.

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Business Development & Exit Strategy

Whether looking to grow your business or you're at the point of contemplating selling, allow us with our experience to help you get to where you want to go! A virtual or hands on approach will give you the guidance of taking your business to it's next destination. For more information, email

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